Website Design & Development

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Malabarsoft an India, Kerala based Website design, website development, internet marketing , security survelliannce company offers creative services in web design , ecommerce, Content management based(CMS) websites, internet marketing , social media, search engine optimization service, and security survelliance systems.

We offer an effective design solution with sites that are attractive and functional and can meet both your budget and deadline concerns.

Web hosting & Domain Registration

Services: web hosting kerala,Domain registration , shared webhosting, dedicated servers, Plesk, cpanel

Shared Webhosting-Windows / Linux.

Dedicated webhosting

Server Co-location

CCTV DVR Hosting

Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing

Services: SEO, PPC, SEM, Google Adsence, Social Media,

Getting top in search engines is very difficult if there are many websites of same nature. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long term, knowledge and manpower intensive process of promoting websites on leading search engines like Google, yahoo etc. Complex techniques are involved in programming, content management, search engine analysis, web crawler analysis, manual submissions,link building, traffic and rank analytics.

CCTV-Closed Circuit Television

Tags : CCTV Installation kerala, CCTV maintanance, CCTV DVR Hosting ,security survelliance

CCTV is a visual surveillance technology designed for live or offline monitoring of surroundings and activities from one or more control rooms. CCTV systems typically involve electronic equipments such as camera, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), monitors, storage devices, cables and connectors. The connections between the equipments is established by dedicated wired or wireless communications links . Usually CCTV systems includes array of cameras that is connected and operated from a control room or series of control rooms. The video from CCTV can be monitored real-time or in recorded mode. Now almost all the DVRs are capable of connecting internet and the video from those DVRs can be viewed remotely through internet or through mobile phone . We offer the following brands .

SONY| Panasonic | Samsung | Ray Sharp | IR Lab | CP Plus | Maximus | Dahua | Seccura | Tiandy | Hik Vision | QNap | AV Tech.

Gate and shutter automation

Tags: Gate automation kerala, remote gate, shutter automation kerala, remote shutter, automatic gate, automatic shutter

Our gate automation help the users to open or close their gates from their car,bedroom,kitchen or upstairs just by pressing a button in the remote controller.This remote controller can even work from 400 feet away from the gate.Once this system is installed the gate is electronically locked and no one can open the gate maually forcing the gate.This can be installed in sliding as well as swing gates . We have Indian made as well as imoprted machine kits for gate and shutter automation

Access control

Tags: Time and attendance system, access control , attendance system, biometric fingure print reader kerala, proximity card access control system

We are experienced in setting up Biometric or Proximity based access control system . Access control system can also be used to calculate the attendance of the employees working in the firm. Different access permissions can also be set to different doors.

Computer Networking

Tags: LAN, Local area network, Cisco, DLink, Wireless LAN

Our team is experienced in setting up local area netwok (LAN) using wireless and wired technology.We will use only branded cables and equipments (usually DLINK or Cisco) providing our clients very reliable and rhobust networks for data communication.We also undertake end-to-end management of existing LAN, WAN and VPN

Home Security

Tags: Home security, Fingerprint door lock, sensors

Home security systems decrease the chances of a bur glary in your home. Protect your home and family from theft, accidental damages etc. Home security devices consisting of motion sensors, security alarms, CCTV, door/window break sensor, smoke sensors,wired and wireless security systems


Tags: Intercom, PBX, Panasonic, NEC Topaz

Our intercom solutions are ideal for home, SMEs, Banks, Government offices, Nursing homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Educational Institutions,

Vehicle Security and tracking

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We are the district dealer for autoseccura. With autosecura you can receive vehicle status and assistance anywhere anytime. Features: SOS/Emergency call, vehicle tracking, vehicle speed monitoring, route monitoring, Geo Tagging, remote door lock, stolen vehicle location assistance

Fire and safety systems

Tags: Fire alarm, Fire estinguisher, fire

Fire accidents are constant threat to your business.We cant say when it will hit our firm.We have to install fire and safety equipments inorder to save our firm from fire accidents. We have the products and services to plan and prepare before any fire accident hits